Project Pipeline 2009-2010






1. Design the legal and financial aspects of a project of the maintenance of the State of Sonora highway network, to be implemented by means of a concession to the private sector as a private-public alliance for services.


2. Develop the cost-benefit analysis for the street pavement projects of 30 municipalities of the State of Sonora, and prepare and submit the application for federal funding to the Pavement Fund for Municipalities (FOPAM).


3. Prepare and submit an application to the Federal Transportation and Communications Department for the concession of a SENTRI line (express entry lane to the US) for the Sonora State Government, and its financial feasibility.


4. Coordinate the legal, technical and financial designs of a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project for the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, and seek the financial support of the National Infrastructure Fund.

















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